O.M.LER 2000 - Impianti e soluzioni per automazione industriale

The company was founded in 1974 by the Lerda family and, over the years, has grown from a small family-run business to a major industrial company with an area of 4000 m2, 3000 m2 of which are indoor space. The company currently employs approximately fifty people.

Over time, the company has been able to diversify the type of mechanical equipment it can manufacture and design in cooperation with its customers. In fact, the company operates in various sectors: in the automotive sector, including e-mobility, in the foundry sector and also in the aerospace sector and in the food industry. This was possible thanks to the high level of professionalism and technical expertise of the technical-sales staff that, together with the manufacturing technicians and designers, have been able to offer and continue to offer targeted solutions for every need.

The knowledge and know-how of its employees have allowed the company to be granted national and international patents, such as those obtained for the pneumatic earth-moving jackhammer, a product marketed by the sister company O.M.LER s.r.l. and for which O.M.LER 2000 manufactures all the mechanical components under its own brand name.

O.M.LER 2000 also uses state-of-the-art machining equipment and numerically controlled machine tools across its manufacturing process, in accordance with the highest quality standards and exclusive technological processes. The company has also obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

O.M.LER 2000 - Impianti e soluzioni per automazione industriale


O.M.LER 2000 cooperates with its sister company O.M.LER s.r.l., located a few hundred metres away, for the manufacturing of all the mechanical components required for the pneumatic earth-moving jackhammer product and in the design of the earth-moving benches for the foundry and automotive sectors.